BBJH School News

Red Ribbon Week 

By: Joslyn Sproat, 7th grade   

In 1988 after the death of Enrique Camarena, communities in California began to wear red ribbons. They wanted to show their commitment to raising awareness of the negative impact drugs have on the U.S. This is how Red Ribbon Week began. Over the years, Red Ribbon Week spread all over the U.S. continuing to grow more traditions each year.  Currently in 2023, kids pledge to learn more about the destructive effects of drugs and show support by dressing up each day of the week. Each school has different dress up themes that usually change each year, and BBJH had spirit days this year. 

Most people wore mixed-match socks and shoes. A few people went all out wearing wacky shirts with funky pants. Tuesday, lots of people matched. Duos were the most common, but there were some trios and even groups with more people. On Wednesday, almost everyone was in pink! There were lots of tutus, face paint, and fancy sunglasses. There were dresses, accessories, and sometimes funny shoes! Friday was hilarious, lots of people matched with teachers! Students wore big t-shirts and jeans. Sometimes, even mustaches and beards.  Let's make next year’s Red Ribbon Week even better! Traditionally Red Ribbon Week runs the week of October 23.    


Magnolia Student of the Month

BBJH is so proud of our very own Aaron Flores, the Magnolia ISD Student of the Month!

The Martian: Book Review

By: Tyler Marteney

Many people don’t like reading or would prefer to do something else. I agree with these people, but that opinion changed for me when I read the book The Martian. This book is great!

The Martian is probably not what you think. When book titles have something about Mars, then it’s usually about aliens. Not this book. The book takes place starting in 2035, when some of the first manned missions to Mars are happening. Whenever the crew is starting to land near the base that had been sent up, something bad happens. The crew crashes, and our main character Mark Watney falls off the vehicle. Mark survives, but the crew left him because they thought he was dead. They escape to the emergency vehicle that was prepared in case something like that happened.  Mark slowly makes his way to the Mars base, and he successfully makes it. His first thought is asking himself how he’s going to survive until the next mission arrives in three years. Some more interesting details it’s written in first person, the story is read from, the mars base log book and the days are measured in sols (mars equivalent of days). The book has also been made into a great movie starring Matt Damon.  

 Hunger Games Ballad of Songbirds
and Snakes

Coming next month! Movie Review By: Nina Marinelli

In movie theaters this Thanksgiving break! Premiers November 17 if you like the Hunger Games book series you will love this prequel movie. 

RECIPE    By:  Rylan Slaven
Rice Krispie Turkeys 


  • Rice Krispies Treats  

  • Pure milk chocolate or melted light Cocoa Candy Melts

  • Orange, black, and red candy coloring

  • And paper straws. 

How to prep: Melt your chocolate in a bowl  

  • Put your stick in the Krispie treat on the straw.

  • Dip your rice Krispie into the melted chocolate. 

  • Let dry then use a straw to put white melted dots on the Krispie treat and then some dots to look like eyes.

Celebrate Thanksgiving with a attitude of Gratitude 

Student Opinion -Thankful for our Pets! 

This Thanksgiving season students across campus shared with their teachers and friends things in their life they are grateful for and in student opinions many shared they are so thankful for the love of their pets in their life.