BBJH School News

Wait… WHAT sport?   By Emma Crawford

When you ask someone what sport they play, you usually expect basketball, baseball, football or soccer. For girls especially you'd expect softball to be the most unique answer in the books… but in that case, you're wrong! I have a full team of girls that have all chosen to play the wildly competitive sport of roller derby! No, it's not with horses but yes, it involves racing. There are two teams that have five people each on the track during each jam (round). One is a jammer, four are blockers. Blockers of the ‘Black’ team have to block the ‘White’ team's jammer, who is circling the track and trying to hit past the blockers. We all have to wear knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, helmets and mouth guards to play because this is a HEAVY contact sport. We hit constantly and most of the time, there are a few injuries in games, tournaments, and sometimes even practice. When we are playing, we usually play over weekends because it's the best time for everyone to be able to show up. After tournaments and games, the team always goes to eat and hang out so overall, it's a very fun sport with a close-knit team. If you are interested in playing roller derby or learning more about it, ask someone who plays or even ask an adult. Most adults are old enough to know about when the sport was the big thing. You can also look at the Rainbow Roller Rink on Conroe's website. Do you already play an interesting sport? What is it? Would you want to introduce people to it? Submit your own story to our BBJH school news.  

By: Sarah Skinner 

Bears for Christ 

Did you know that your school has a club called "Bears for Christ"? This club meets every Tuesday at 6:45 before school in Mrs. Osborn's class upstairs in room C202.  A speaker comes, we read a couple of verses in the bible, and discuss what the verse says. At one meeting we went over Colossians 3:12-17. Do you already come to Bears for Christ? Then bring a friend. If you are interested, the next meeting is at 6:45 in Mrs. Osbron’s room C202. Hope to see you there! 

          Chinese New Year By: Arya Patty

Chinese New Year—also known as the Lunar New Year or the Spring Festival, is a traditional holiday in China based on the lunisolar calendar—along with being the most important Chinese holiday. It dates back around 3,500 years and is incredibly rich with traditions. The beginning of the holiday starts on the second new moon after the Winter Solstice, so usually between January 21st and February 20th. The most well-known traditions of Chinese New Year are giving the gift of red envelopes filled with money, decorating with red, and the lion dance. 


Underrated Apps on the App Store By: Brady Frenzel 

These apps range from the weird, wacky, and wonderful to the fun and challenging.

1. Par for the Dungeon

Our first app is Par for the Dungeon, a golf puzzle game with cute and challenging levels. You play as a golf ball named Cal who must save his loyal pooch from the evil Bogeys! Par for the Dungeon is the ultimate dungeon crawler. Spend coins to unlock weapons and defeat your foes. To beat a level you must move under par. The further you progress the harder the game gets. You must strategically use weapons to activate switches and defeat Bogeys.

2. Dragon City

The second app is Dragon City, a game all about breeding and battling unique dragons. Build your islands filled with all your dragons and creatures to send to battle! Become the ultimate dragon master and beat all the leagues! Prepare for all the many events in the amazing world of dragon city!

3. Bloons TD Battles 2 and 1

This monkey filled masterpiece is all about battling your friends with balloons. Strategically buy special balloons to overtake your friends. You must get money from towers and balloons you pop. 

Bloons TD Battles Flash | Bloons Wiki | Fandom

4. Orange (game)

Orange (game) is a puzzle game about turning your screen completely orange. There are several puzzles that force you to think outside the box! This mind melter gives no instruction of the puzzle leaving you to try everything you can. There are many puzzle games made by this same person, some even trickier.


For our last game we chose DEADWORD, a survival word game where words are key. Change one letter to make a word but be careful not to spell the zombies words. Your goal is to type the exit word but you can only change one letter at a time. You can only change a letter to make a word that already exists. If a zombie takes one of your lives you can type a supply word on screen. This is a zombie survival game we think everyone can enjoy.