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Basketball Season is a Slam Dunk

Lady Bears Basketball     By: Sofia Harrison 

Our BBJH basketball teams have been practicing and competing endlessly. They have put steadfast devotion this season. They give everything, and for that we are so very proud of them. These groups create unbreakable relationships while teaching cooperation and teamwork to one another. Recently, 7th and 8th grade girls played in their tournament, versus three competitors. Oak Hills Junior High, McCullough Junior High, and Mance Park Middle School. They gave it their all and played well. During our B team game, our top scorers were Avah Sasser (4 points) and Isla Nicholas (3 points.) 

During game 3, against McCullough, it was a very close game until the 3rd period. Isla Nicholas was the only player scoring a 3 pointer. They put great teamwork in this game! 7th grade girls worked hard during their game against Oak Hills. They gained lots of confidence throughout the game, building courage and stamina. These girls worked wonderfully, and Coach Smothers was a great help. He stepped up to help Coach Bendele and the 7th grade A team. During A team game three, Ella Russel, Jamie Hunt, Olivia Johnson, Morgan Taylor, Raini Simmons, and many others worked together to gain perseverance. These girls so well, and we look forward to seeing their future games! 


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