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Looking for some fun this month? Check out this fun thing to do in Houston. Did you know Houston is known as Space City. Go check out NASA here in Houston. 

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By: Tyler Marteney 

Space Launches Happening in 2024

Space launches: they happen for all kinds of reasons. There will be plenty of space launches this year, benefiting humankind. There are still more being planned for this year, but only so many have been confirmed. Here are the confirmed launches so far.

On the 6th of February, there will be a satellite called PACE sent into space above the oceans. Its mission is to assess the health of the oceans it will be above. It will do this by measuring the distribution of phytoplankton, tiny plants, and algae.

In April, there will be a rocket launch. Its goal is to get astronauts Butch Wilmore and Sunni Williams to the International Space Station. This launch has been delayed since August 21st, but it's finally going to happen.

The last confirmed launches are in summer. Firstly, Turkey will be launching Turksat. It is their first geostationary (It will stay above Turkey) communications satellite in June. Lastly, There will be two more satellite launches, with the satellites being owned by Space Norway. The satellites carry communications payloads for the Norwegian Ministry of Defense and the U.S. Space Force.

There are some exciting launches coming up this year, and more after that. There are still launches yet to be confirmed, but those are for a different article. Hopefully you enjoy space as much I do, and with that, enjoy the launches.

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