January  2024 Issue 5-

Bears Making Headlines

 Bear Branch Junior High School News   

BBJH Winter Dance  

The winter dance was a big event this year at Bear Branch Junior High. The theme this year was New York Lights. Everyone was dressed up in dresses and even suits. Our student council put this dance together to make a beautiful night. There was also cookies and water in the 7th grade gym. We hope everybody enjoyed this year's dance. 7th graders will be ready for next year's winter dance in the meantime 8th grade will have a spring dance soon. Great memories were made by all.   By: Maliyah Francois


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Rodeo Art Winners

By: Adam Qasem 

Great job to our BBJH Rodeo Art winners Kadence Vaughn and Langley Petty. Their art submissions will be featured at the Houston Rodeo on display. As we look around BBJH we can see large amounts of talent everywhere we go, and this month our art students had their time to shine. After months of hard work on their pieces some of our students were selected to take part in Rodeo Art. There are five categories presented in the show: finalists, first tier, second tier, third tier, and last but most importantly our gold medalist and best of show.

As a finalist and art student myself I can say all students worked very hard and I feel our school did amazing. Out of the ten finalists our school had seven spots overall crushing Magnolia junior high.  ~ Adam Qasem   

Still as a Drop        By: Langley Petty  

How can I remain still when everything around me is turning, swirling, pouring, and falling?

Around and around the wind twirls and whistles, as the rain pours, everything and nothing seems still. The thunder crackling and booming about, the trees waving in the hallowing wind as much needed water seeps into the ground. 

All the while, the cat lounges, purring on the edge of the window seal. Watching the raindrops dance, throughout the land.

Everyone is moving in their own directions through the down pour and yet the peace remains, dry, unshaken by whatever is to occur.

The rain finally adheres to peace’s words and slowly subsides leaving only the dampest of echoes in its place.

January had a lot of rain and chilly Texas winter days.