November  2023 Issue 3- Fall 

Bears Making Headlines

 Bear Branch Junior High School News  

      Happy Thanksgiving! 

BBJH is grateful and thankful for all of our students and staff.  

By: Sofia Harrison

Blue Out Pep Rally 

BBJH held its first autumn pep rally of the year on Friday, November 3rd! It was a huge success. Our color guard performed so brilliantly, and the cheerleaders put on an incredible show.  This pep rally was wonderfully hosted by Mr. Byers  and Ms. Gibson! Particularly during the potato-sack races, we had a great time. In the seventh grade, Ayden Pulfer defied Mr. Byers, which tragically caused Mr. Byers to become exceedingly humble.  But Mr. Byers resurfaced during the eighth-grade race. In addition to our humorous competitions, we had some incredible speakers who spoke on behalf of our school fall sports.  We heard from football, cross country and the volleyball fall sports teams. This pep rally was a huge success! Students had a great time showing their BBJH spirit wearing their matching t-shirts that were so generously donated. 

Guest Author on Campus

   Meet Author Chris Ortiz   

Grade 8 students were excited to meet published author Chris Ortiz on Tuesday, November 14 during their English classes in the library during an inspirational presentation.  Mr. Ortiz is a teacher and coach who was inspired by his goals and dreams to publish his writing of his childhood stories and memories of growing up in Houston.  

The Colors of Autumn

By Langley Petty

Children's laughter is all round as leaves turn a golden brown.

Forests and valleys are honeyed with colors.

Our favorite places showered in new shades. 

The wind dances around in the trees taking off all the dead leaves.

As the leaves fall slowly down, they coat the ground with their sound.

The smells of autumn fill the air as whisks click and clink,

and ovens beep, the whole town is preparing for a fine fest.

There’s a pumpkin pie on the sill, waiting to cool off for the perfect meal.

Birds chirp and ravens crow as they migrate away from the coming snow.

Winter is coming and autumn is here, along with the start of festive cheer.      


CAlling all Writers

Be Our Guest 

Do you like to write and have great ideas to share? If you are interested in submitting story ideas contact BBJH school news and journalism program to publish a monthly article. Stop by the newsroom in room 203.